Our Mission


To enable all 10 to 18-year-olds to play competitive sports so that they are more likely to lead happier, healthier and more productive lives because they stayed in school, avoided drugs, crime, and prison. 

  • Competitive sports teams are too expensive for too many families (the total cost should not exceed $20 per athlete per month);
  • Youth who do not play competitive sports are more likely to not graduate high school, use drugs, join gangs, become pregnant and go to jail/prison;
  • Those who need it the most (i.e. youth from single-parent and financially challenged families) are less likely to play competitive sports;
  • It is more difficult for people who did not play competitive sports and who dropped out of high school to obtain stable and meaningful employment –and even more difficult in single parent and low-income households;

We especially seek at-risk youth to learn valuable social skills, be physically fit, raise their self-confidence, maximize their potential and encourage personal growth.

We will enable financially disadvantaged youths to have the opportunity to be a part of a team because sports can bring many important skills to a youngster’s life, including: teamwork, responsibility, discipline, commitment towards goals, problem-solving and creativity.

What We Do

We actively identify and take the necessary steps to: a) enable local youth to play competitive sports and b) sponsor teams.  

  • Enabling youth to play on teams includes providing equipment, transportation to and from practice and games, and attending games in order to provide encouragement and support.
  • We sponsor teams that strive to win championships and to compete against the San Francisco Italian Club and other Italian clubs.


Why We Do What We Do

We strive to help all local youth play competitive sports because competitive sports provides many important life lessons and skills which result in higher high school graduation rates, less drug use, less crime and less taxpayers money wasted on the criminal justice system, jail, and prison.

We do what we do because we can.

How We Do It

We create “Do well by doing good” opportunities that encourage:

  1. All people to become Active Members committed to our mission,
  2. All youth (i.e. 10 to 18 years old) to participate in competitive sports, and
  3. Some businesses to increase their profits by rewarding members and athletes.  

For example: Members do things to help athletes and earn discounts from sponsoring businesses.  

Become A Member/Sponsor Today!

The Italian American Athletic Club provides our youth the opportunity to participate in activities that will unleash their talents and better yet, they just get to play and enjoy their childhood. Participating in sporting activities brings out creativity, builds self confidence, teaches teamwork and keeps our youth out of trouble. Children learn the skills it takes to become productive members of society.