Anthony Palmisano, president of San Gennaro Feast, will reward those who help Las Vegas youth to play competitive sports!

Anthony Palmisano, president of San Gennaro Feast, announced that the Feast will give all donors an Official San Gennaro souvenir coin when the donate $5 to the IAAC!  

The beautiful gold-plated steel coin is larger and heavier than a silver dollar.  It can be redeemed at the Feast for $5.00 and, after the Feast, at any the 50 Fifth Avenue Restaurants.  

Donate a mere five dollars to the IAAC’s great cause of helping all Las Vegas area youth play competitive sports and the San Gennaro Feast will give you a souvenir coin (which you can use at the Feast at $5 or, after the Feast, at any of the 50 local Fifth Avenue Group restaurants).

Your support is greatly appreciated, see you at the Feast.


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The Italian American Athletic Club provides our youth the opportunity to participate in activities that will unleash their talents and better yet, they just get to play and enjoy their childhood. Participating in sporting activities brings out creativity, builds self confidence, teaches teamwork and keeps our youth out of trouble. Children learn the skills it takes to become productive members of society.