Our 30 Charter Members

  1. Edward Bevilacqua
  2. Edward Bevilacqua, Sr.
  3. Frank Bonanno
  4. Jack Borrusso
  5. Nolan Bushnell
  6. John Calabro
  7. Ralph Carullo, MD
  8. Angelo Cassaro
  9. Gaetano D’Aquino
  10. Michael DeChiara
  11. Count Guido R. Deiro
  12. John English
  13. Jay Fuller
  14. Tony Gemignani
  15. David Gianotti, Esq.
  16. Vincenzo Granata
  17. Tony Gumina, MD
  18. Pat Importuna
  19. Charry Kennedy
  20. Joseph Kramer
  21. Andy LaRussa
  22. William Liani
  23. Ray Boom Boom Mancini
  24. Dino Marino
  25. Rich Marotta
  26. Dondiino Melchiore
  27. Umberto Mucci
  28. Anthony Palmisano
  29. Leo Pierini
  30. Fabrizzio Renna
  31. Anthony Ricevuto
  32. Edward Robusto
  33. Tony Sacca
  34. Thomas Sclafani
  35. Hon. Richard Scotti

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The Italian American Athletic Club provides our youth the opportunity to participate in activities that will unleash their talents and better yet, they just get to play and enjoy their childhood. Participating in sporting activities brings out creativity, builds self confidence, teaches teamwork and keeps our youth out of trouble. Children learn the skills it takes to become productive members of society.