Golden Knights Foundation mixer / NHL Draft / T-Mobile Arena 6-23-17


 Friday’s Golden Knights Foundation NHL Draft mixer at T-Mobile Arena was another example of the 100% first class style the Golden Knights are building the franchise upon.

Very Italian –good people, good food, good conversation…  Representing the

Representing the 2,500+ members of the IAAC, Dave and I ignored the great food and beverages and meeting players (not really) and focused on building ties between the club’s 50-team National Street Hockey League and the Golden Knights Foundation.  To summarize, It’s going to be a great relationship; the Golden Knights Foundation is dedicated to helping youth overcome obstacles and becoming all they can be.  

So, far here’s where we are:

  • GKF will supply sticks and balls for the players,
  • Our members can support the League by donating to the Golden Knights Foundation,
  • We will begin inviting prospective sponsors to a League kick-off dinner,
  • Negotiating the application of a GKF logo to all team jerseys,
  • Opportunities for team and league sponsorship,

(Trivia:  It is fitting and proper that the National Street Hockey League was officially formed Wednesday, June 21st as the Expansion Draft was occurring)


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  1. Joseph & Neoma mastruzzo


    The food was great and we. Should have at different restaurants if possible this will give us new places to go and Ed is doing a great job with the people

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