National Street Hockey League

Why Street Hockey, Why now?

We are entering the start of a unique opportunity to change the lives of thousands: Street hockey is going to get more people to become Golden Knights fans than any sport other than ice hockey --especially for youth because  a) ice hockey is so expensive that a proper local league cannot form; and b) in order to be good at ice hockey, one must either be very young or first know how to skate --it is not an easy sport for non-athletes to start at the age of 12 (and athletes probably already have their own sport).  

Our goal is to support sports where "coolness meets technology" in a fast-paced sport that can quickly include 50 competitive teams of 20 players.  It's fast, easy, fun and it provides great mental, emotional and physical training.  

What does it take to have a compelling competitive sport?  

  • It must be cool  --athletes and fans must like thinking and talking about it;
  • It must be affordable --it can't cost more than $20 per month;
  • It must be easy to learn yet very hard to master --hitting a ball with a hockey stick: that's pretty easy (and also very, very hard);
  • It must fit our Las Vegas lifestyle --not a lot of travel (everywhere else is over 100 miles away), no hassles (it is what it is --good, clean fun).

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The Italian American Athletic Club provides our youth the opportunity to participate in activities that will unleash their talents and better yet, they just get to play and enjoy their childhood. Participating in sporting activities brings out creativity, builds self confidence, teaches teamwork and keeps our youth out of trouble. Children learn the skills it takes to become productive members of society.