Join us as we help enable all youth to play competitive sports

Our mission is to enable all local youth to participate in competitive sports in order to develop their talents so that they may lead the fullest possible life. Competitive sports provides mental and emotional benefits in addition to the physical benefits. Athletes learn the skills required to become productive members of society.



This is the world's newest sport destined to become a major attraction across the world. We are proud to help sponsor the IDRC in conjunction with local professional drone racers and clubs and help make Las Vegas the epicenter of this new sport.

Drone racing provides athletes with a first person view of flying drones at up to 100 mph in 3-D race tracks.

The IDRC is helping create 50 teams of 20 athletes each (each team has 5 squads of 4 athletes --pilot, navigator and 2 pit crew. All events will be recorded and broadcast over the Internet.

This is a "do well, by doing good" opportunity for those who'd like to help. The cost to be a sponsor is as low as $20 per month. For $250 per month premier sponsors name the team, choose the colors, the mascot and have their patch prominently displayed on the front of the jersey.

Athletes have the opportunity to become professionals and obtain employment as drones become a normal part of everyday life.




Like the IDRC, the National Street Hockey League's purpose is to enable local youth to play really cool competitive sports.

The unique goal of the NsHL is to assist the Golden Knights in building a strong and loyal fan base in Las Vegas in a manner that is complimentary to traditional youth Ice hockey.

Our version of street hockey relies on cool uniforms and lots of technology, including high tech balls, scoring, drones, YouTube, social media, etc. in order to make it appealing to athletes, spectators, and sponsors.

Like the IDRC, we are helping to create a league with 12 organizations of 4 teams (Major, AAA, AA, A) with 20 athletes per team (i.e. 1,000 athletes) to play from September through March.

Street hockey is a fast paced, physically demanding sport that is great for physical conditioning and creating a "failure is not an option" attitude in life.

Sponsorship is the same as the IDRC: as low as $20 per month to $250 per month.




Do well by doing good — We help youth by giving our Affiliates and Sponsors easy, painless, and profitable "win-win" programs:
Bottom line: Affiliates and Sponsors generate higher profits through new, loyal customers!

Team sponsors reap unmatched publicity and promotion as they are tied to the unique, exciting sports that we promote (let's face it, traditional sports like soccer, can't compete with the excitement and face-paced nature of drone racing or street hockey).

The ROI will be unmatched by any form of advertising and promotion because we know that more people will help if they don't have to sacrifice.

Sponsors who accept the Roman XX black coin at $20 face value; we in effect only pay a small commission (about 10%) because we repurchase it for $15 –not a Groupon type offer; not a “buy-one, get-one free” type offer– a simple discount to members...

Our goal is to create new customers for our advertisers and sponsors, so our coin programs do not require any investment. If we don't bring customers, there's no cost. This is the best way to help those who need it the most.


Frank Bonanno says that Fifth Avenue Restaurant Group will gladly honor the Black XX Coin

Charter member, Frank Bonanno, known as the, “King of Quick-Serve Restaurants”, and president of Fifth Avenue Restaurant Group. Said that his two flagship restaurants, Trattoria Reggiano, and Prime Burger, and nine Johnny Rockets restaurants will gladly become the first to accept the IAAC XX Roman black coin; the easiest way to help all youth play

Anthony Palmisano, president of San Gennaro Feast, will reward those who help Las Vegas youth to play competitive sports!

Anthony Palmisano, president of San Gennaro Feast, announced that the Feast will give all donors an Official San Gennaro souvenir coin when the donate $5 to the IAAC!   The beautiful gold-plated steel coin is larger and heavier than a silver dollar.  It can be redeemed at the Feast for $5.00 and, after the Feast, at

Hats-Off To Fifth Avenue Restaurant Group

  Specialized in Quick-Serve Restaurant Innovations  In addition to Las Vegas casino food courts and quick-serve restaurant innovations, Fifth Avenue Restaurant Group specializes in private ceremonies and special events coordination for events such as rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions & corporate holiday parties. Fifth Avenue Restaurant Group establishments offer Lunch Delivery, Catering services for daily meals

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The Italian American Athletic Club provides local youth the opportunity to participate in competitive sports (especially drone racing and street hockey). Competitive sports builds good character, teaches teamwork and helps keep youth in school and away from drugs, crime and prison.